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City of Brooksville


We are registered as a private provider in the City of Brooksville. Please follow the below instructions.

Permitting Process...

1. Download the file(s) at the bottom of this page.

2. Fill out the Notice to Building Official, including checking off all the inspections you anticipate will be needed, notarize it and submit with the permit request paperwork.

3. Fill out the Owner Acknowledgement, have this signed by the owner and notarize it, then submit with the permit request paperwork.

4. Upload the Certificate of Insurance, Qualifications Statement documents at the bottom of this page, any plans and affidavits with the permit request paperwork.

Plans Review...

If you are going to use us for Plans Reviews please email your request to

** 24 hour notice Instructions**

There is a requirement to notify the county 24 hours before an inspection. You will need to email and copy the email will need to be sent by 3pm the day before you will be using our service.

Download the below form(s)


Certificate of Insurance


Notice To Building Official


Qualifications Statement


Owner Acknowledgement





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