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Innovative Contruction Inspection

Innovative Construction Inspection is a private provider inspection service.  We have the ability to perform all residential, commercial and industrial inspections, bot new constructions and repair.  We have the ability, through Video Inspection Pro, to accomplish these inspections remotely, saving the contractor time and money on their inspections.

What Video Inspections Mean To You

The solution that we offer is a remote video inspection that will be on demand, this means that you will no longer have to wait hours and even days for the inspection to occur.  This also will put an end to red flag inspections as you can wait until you and the home owner are on site when the inspection is requested.  As a result there will be less downtime while waiting which means you will be more productive and be able to accomplish more work in the same amount of time.


Available Throughout Florida

ICI is available to do inspections throughout the state as Florida as we are remote the only thing the contractor will need to connect with us is a cell phone with the VIP application installed and cell or wifi service connected.

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