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Qualified Inspectors

Our inspectors are professional and talented.  They will approach every inspection with quality and confidence, the experience that they offer is vast.


Versatile Application

So in total our inspections offer:

  • On demand (Inspection started within minutes)

  • Quality Control

  • Ability to post to the permit board at the time of inspection


Quality Assurance

Because the inspection video is stored, you can use our inspection as a quality assurance and control solution as well.




The location of the inspection is geo-tagged to the video.  This gives authentication of the permit information to the property address.



Your inspection's video will be saved for up to 10 years.  This give you confidence that, if needed, you can review any inspection.


Tech Support

The technical support group is available to assist with setup and usage of the application.  This group is focused on technical and how to questions to give you a pleasant and ease of use experience with the application.


Innovative Construction Inspection

Remote Private Provider Inspections

With Video Inspection Pro
  • Inspections are done on demand and as low as $10

    • This means that you request the inspection when needed, there is no need to schedule or wait for an inspection again.​

    • You will be able to post to the permit board and move on to the next stage of construction seamlessly.

  • Affordable and professional service from our team of licensed inspectors.

  • We have the ability to perform all residential inspections, both new constructions and repair.

  • Reduce and even put an end to red flag inspections as you can wait until you and the home owner are on site when the inspection is requested. 

  • Your team will be more productive and be able to accomplish more work in the same amount of time.

Your time is important to you, so it is important to us as well.  Our team is a combination of inspectors and contractors so we fully understand what you would need and expect in a remote video inspection software.  This application was built with the contractor in mind, to save you time and money, therefore increasing your productivity and your bottom line.

Our application is the only BUILDING CODE ADMINISTRATORS AND INSPECTORS vetted solution available in Florida.  Your company can confidently use this process for quality control as well as a remote inspection option.

Our inspectors are well known and respected in the Tampa Bay area and offer the highest level of service and professionalism.  This process is simple to setup and quick to learn, you can have your first inspection started within a few minutes of downloading the application.


Inspect More, Wait Less

We have the ability, through Video Inspection Pro, to accomplish these inspections remotely, saving the contractor time and money on their inspections.

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